About Heroic

We started as an R&B band… a very good band with lots of top-notch gear and plenty of ambition to keep that gear and ourselves busy. Over the years, we went from “Temporary Heroes Orchestra,” to Heroic Productions.

At Heroic, we’re outcome-driven and fully focused on making your story unforgettable. We know what it takes to be on the stage, what makes everything work and, most importantly, how to make your story shine. We have a local address with a national presence.

In addition to all that gear is the Heroic team, who are simply incredible people and pros. We work seamlessly with each other, take care of each other, and we always bring joy to our work, and to your event.


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Our Process

We start with the question, "Why?" Why are you doing this event?

"Why" is a question that correlates with value. Your "why" is really about connecting your guests with the real purpose of the event. Is it to raise money for people living in challenging situations? Is it to ensure people are recognized for their incredible acts of generosity? Is it to inform or inspire? By framing the purpose of your event in this way, many AV decisions can be made based on the answers to questions about investment, value and desired outcome, rather than simply, “How much will it cost?”

Together, we explore who will be attending, what messages you're hoping to communicate, and how best to design your event so it makes the most of the venue. Then, we'll help deliver your message with an impact and clarity that lasts long after it has ended.


Our Story

Whereas many AV companies got their start as a bunch of rock-n-rollers with gear, Heroic’s beginnings and customer-service philosophy come from our “classical” roots while studying music in college. The ethic of intense practice and crafting a performance to perfection is what led to the creation of Heroic Productions. Several of us formed an R&B group after college, and quickly learned that all of the time, energy and work put into creating a great show (and it was – we have the video/audio to prove it!) was wasted if the rented equipment and personnel hired to support it, were not equal to the band’s lofty standards. We slowly acquired our own high-end gear to meet those standards and quickly realized that other people might also appreciate high quality and engineers that actually took pride in what they did.

The rest, as they say, is history; over 16 years successfully making other people heroes.


More Of Our Work

Our Team

We have state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, talented men and women at Heroic, but it’s our unique combination of team and tech that makes us so special. Heroic continually strives to provide our clients with the best creative AV solution for their event, and pairs that with flawless execution.


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Dr. Lisa Heldke

Director, Nobel Conference - Gustavus

"The quality of what you all do is just mind-boggling. It's the reason folks like speaker John List say, 'This was extremely professionally run.' Impeccable!"

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Bridget McCoy

Event Coordinator - Bell Museum, U of MN

"It was wonderful! I am so appreciative of your expertise and abundance of patience throughout the process... Thank you again!"

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