Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Does Heroic do Event Planning?

If you need us to, Heroic has the experience, personnel and resources to shape your event from concept to reality. That said, most of our relationships are with event planners, meeting planners, producers and agencies who use us specifically for our AV and technical expertise. Whatever your needs are, we can help you. As we like to say, “We play well with others!”

How do I know if my event needs a Technical Director?

Every event is unique, but as a rule, as the scale of an event increases it is better to have a point person that understands and oversees the whole production. If your event is relatively simple with speakers and a microphone, a tech director probably isn’t necessary. As complexity increases and you have multiple rooms (think meeting break-out rooms) and a large general-session room that gets flipped for dinner and entertainment, it’s a good idea to have a technical director who is “running the show.” It’s best to ask your production company to assess whether a Technical Director is needed.

How do I select the right venue?

Start with budget and capacity. Too many people in a small venue reduces the space required for production. Then, ask yourself, “What’s the “vibe” I’m after?” Can the venue reflect the fit and finish you’re looking for? When you’ve answered those questions, start in on the technical considerations. Are there special load-in issues? What are the labor requirements at the facility? Is there an in-house AV team that you need to work with? Is the ceiling high enough and does the room have the ability to handle rigging (ie. hanging truss for lights, drape and/or projection)? What are the sight lines? Is there enough power available? Everything is possible but cost quickly becomes a factor if the room has inherent shortcomings.


We ask our clients to bring us into the process as early as possible. We've worked in almost every room in town, as well as many of the popular event venues around the country, and we know the ins-and-outs of all those spaces. In the end, it's all about communication and experience.


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How can I keep attendees intrigued?

In a nutshell: compelling content, interesting lighting, clean sound, interactivity, and surprise. Consider a speaker who offers real-time engagement with the audience. Kick off your general session with a demo that you can tie in to your speaker’s topic. Offer real-time streaming from a remote site. Broadcast live twitter feeds. Most importantly, keep meetings at a reasonable length and offer plenty of breaks.


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How can I make breakout meetings more effective?

The nature of breakout meetings is such that they are typically low-budget items without much room for any kind of production wow-factor. Still, it’s an absolute minimum requirement that everyone be able to see and hear the message being delivered. The best breakouts we’ve seen have been interactive, and tie in to the general session material. Additionally, they include scenic design elements from the general session meeting, as if an extension of the GS. This allows the energy and message from the GS to carry forward into the break-out meetings.

When does it make sense to bring in an AV partner such as Heroic?

Always. And, the sooner the better! If you’re going to be in a room that requires amplification and/or illumination, you already know you’re going to need an AV partner. Why not involve them from the start, especially if your goal is to minimize risk and get the biggest bang for your buck? Heroic has 16 years of experience managing all the technological and logistical aspects of an event. We already have the vocabulary and we speak the language. If you’re going to choose someone, you want someone you can trust. We’d love to have the opportunity to become your trusted event partner.


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When should I "travel" my AV partner?

Your role as a meeting or event planner is to deliver a message to your client’s audience. Why would you trust that to someone you don’t know? When you need consistency, a familiar face, and a better night’s sleep, consider using your proven AV partner. Heroic Productions regularly travels around the country with several of our clients.

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