Elicit an Encore: Backline Considerations for Live Music at Your Next Event [VIDEO]

Nothing brings an event to life better than live music. But if you have never worked with musicians before, there are a few things you should know that will impact how well the live entertainment performs during your event. From two guys who have lived the musician’s life themselves, Heroic’s Jon and Steve talk through some key information to consider when planning to include a musical performance at your next event in this video.

What Backline Do You Need?

Have you been asked by the performers to provide backline for your event, but have no idea what they are referring to? Backline means the equipment or instruments that are required to support an act at a specific venue, that the band or artist doesn’t want to bring themselves. After all, it’s likely they are hopping on a plane or bus after your event to head to their next tour stop.

Whether you are bringing in a national act, a local band, or even a DJ, they are going to have requirements spelled out in their contract on what you need to provide as the event planner. They may need anything from keyboards and a drum set to amplifiers for their bass and guitars.

Why You Should Ask

Backline is critically important to the success of a performance. There is nothing worse than having the artist show up to your event at 3 pm for a sound check and there isn’t a drum set or keyboard. As an event planner, you want to plan ahead by asking musicians what they need, to avoid any issues that may arise. Learning the language and what to ask about is the first step!