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A new and innovative event series, designed for corporate leaders, marketing, and event professionals. 


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Please Welcome is an event series that features speakers and entertainers who are changing the landscape of corporate events worldwide. This unique production can be experienced quarterly, in-person at Studio15 or virtually. 

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Studio Audience Experience

If you are in our studio audience, you’re in for a treat! Come early to grab a prime seat inside Studio15, one of Minneapolis’ premier production studios. When the lights go down, sit back and enjoy an impactful, live studio production. All Please Welcome studio events include opportunities to meet our featured talent, and enjoy hors d’oeuvres and post-event networking. Studio space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot early!


Virtual Experience

Viewing the event virtually allows you to experience the event when and where your schedule allows. Same great content, on demand, just for you! Come back to this page to see new events, quarterly. 

The Magic of Belonging™ with Denise Soler Cox

August 18, 2022

Denise Soler Cox understands the feeling of being caught between two worlds; the Puerto Rican culture of her parents and the mainstream American culture in which she was raised. 

As it turns out, we all need a little help learning how to think about culture, identity and what it means to belong. Denise keynotes and consults on the way we can think about, and create, a sense of Belonging. 

Her appearance at Please Welcome includes segments of her award-winning film “Being Eñye”— Co-Produced and Co-Directed with Oscar-Nominated filmmaker, Henry Ansbacher.

This film is the first documentary released by Project Eñye, a multimedia production company aimed at transforming how the public thinks and speaks about culture and identity. “Eñye” refers to a group of people who struggle with feeling caught between the norms, beliefs and value systems of American culture and the culture in which many US Latinos were raised. Denise applies her observations, research, and learnings to her work with organizations throughout the country as more and more leaders seek to rate diverse cultures where employees and customers feel like they truly Belong.