Event Design: How Branded Visuals Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

branded visualsCreating an event that stands out from anything your guests attended before is top of mind for any quality event planner. While there are many facets to event design, visuals may be the most important. But not just any visuals.

Visuals create instant impact — that all-important first impression. Branded visuals take your event to the next level — reminding attendees who is responsible for this magnificent event! And they do so in an engaging way.

Here are some types and examples of branded visuals and which ones work best for your event.

Types of Branded Visuals

It’s easy to brand anything — floors, walls, windows, furniture, free-standing items and things that hang from above. That means you can strategically place branded visuals anywhere, to decorate as well as enhance the efficient functionality of your event.

Consider using:

  • Elevator wraps
  • Pole wraps
  • Branded lighting effects using stage or wall scrims
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Collateral, from marketing materials and tickets to programs and attendee ID
  • Barricade covers
  • Vehicle wraps, from cars to golf carts or bikes
  • Banners and backdrops
  • Window graphics
  • Wall murals
  • Stage signage
  • Information kiosks
  • Table covers or tent cards

You get the idea.

Examples of Branded Visuals

Immerse your guests in the theme of the event. Branding is about more than displaying your logo or decorating the space with coordinating colors. Branded visuals evoke feelings that create an atmosphere and tell a comprehensive “story.” People will not merely attend your event, they will experience it.

Capture their imagination and get them excited even before they set foot in the door. Go big with a building wrap. Set out signage or sidewalk graphics that lead to a branded entryway.

Make their day with unexpected visuals — more intriguing, more interesting, more fun. More memorable.

Charm them with branded navigation signage. Make it a series of signs or objects that carry event-specific messages. Build larger-than-life 3D versions of your logo or other design elements, and use them to lead the feet by leading the eye. Instead of rolling out the red carpet, lead the way with floor decals.

Depending on the type of event, you may also want to promote your company (or client) as well as the event’s own brand. Branded visuals can help promote and integrate your sponsors, too.

Cool branded visuals will invite sharing on social media. Encourage that, to spread the word about your event and promote your client/company as well.

What Branded Visuals Are Best for Your Event Design?

That depends on your event. What is its purpose? Who will be there? What messages and impressions do you want them to take away? With those essential details in mind, think about your venue as a blank canvas.

Branded visuals paint a composite picture of your event and give it dimension. Attendees are, indeed, immersed in ways traditional visuals simply provide. With creativity, you can use these ideas to transform any size event within almost any size budget.

Consider your branding options as visual “products” you can mix and match to produce an environment that is both practically functional and imaginatively engaging. Whatever you choose, work with your event design team to create an overall “visual branding strategy,” so the choices you make will produce a cohesive, consistent presence — something entirely unique that will be forever associated with your brand.