Considerations for Video at Your Next Event [VIDEO]

Incorporating video in your event is a great way to engage the audience and better showcase what is happening on stage. However, it’s not as easy as simply setting up a video camera and letting it roll. Video is a common AV challenge we frequently see in the industry. It would help if you considered several things, from screens and sightlines to the ambient lighting of the room. In this video, Jon and Steve will break down some key components to consider when adding video to your next event.

Room Height and Layout

Every event space, ballroom, and conference hall is different. So setting up video for your event is always going to be unique to that space. You will need to consider the height of the room because it will affect the size of the video screens you will need to use. The best way to plan is to have a room layout on hand to consult and share with your event production partners.


When considering the layout of the room, you will want to make a note of sightlines and any obstructions to those sightlines. Sightlines are “lines” from an audience member’s eyes to what is seen (a stage, performer, or speaker). If you are going to have a speaker, band, or demo on stage, you want everyone in the room to be able to see and hear them. It’s all about communicating effectively to the crowd.

Image Magnification and Multiple Video Sources

We all know that the person who arrives one minute after the show starts and is sitting in the back row. The only thing they can do is watch the big screens of the little person at the podium. The person in the back should enjoy the event as much as the person in the front row. Creating that experience for the entire venue may require image magnification (IMAG) through video. Depending on your presentation, you may also need to have multiple video sources. If you are switching between:

You are going to want to plan and ensure that each source works seamlessly together.

Ambient Room Light

If your venue has a wall of windows, you are going to have to think about how that ambient light will affect video for your event. Both natural and artificial light sources can create some challenges when using video. The light bounces throughout the room and can diminish the quality of the screen for the audience. Talk with your AV partner if using projection is the right choice if you need extra drape, or even if LED would be an option.