What Factors Drive Costs for Top Audio Visual Companies?

top audio visual companiesHave you ever wondered why the “same” meal costs more at a nice restaurant than at a corner diner? Probably not, because most of us just know the difference. At a nice restaurant, we expect a better chef, better ingredients, and better atmosphere at the nice restaurant, and we realize there are costs involved with that. Yet when we want something special, we know exactly where to go for an experience that lives up to the occasion.

The same holds true for top audiovisual companies. Some of the factors that affect the cost for an event include the size of the venue, goals of the production, and the AV gear necessary to make it happen – yet it’s just as important to make sure the right gear is in the right hands. Experience and expertise are the factors that can make your event production truly memorable and increase the value of your investment.

What Are Your Event Objectives?

The most important question at any event is, “why?” Why did you invite your guests in the first place? Whether you’re trying to raise money for people living in challenging situations, or you’re trying to generate excitement for a new sales initiative, your production may need a real “wow” factor to get the message across.

Once you’ve identified your event’s objectives, many decisions are not determined by cost, but of investment and value. And the most important question may ultimately be, what will it cost if your event misses the mark?

Understand the Basics

Some of the factors that drive the cost of audiovisual production are obvious. A larger event venue will require more sound, lights, screens, equipment and crew members – just to deliver the basics. Add more powerful lights, audio and specialty equipment to the mix and the budget will obviously grow, but so will the impact of the production.

How do you determine what’s right for the event? An experienced AV pro goes back to the event objectives and explains the levers that can improve the audience experience and increase the benefit of your investment.

When to Make the Investment

Let’s say – hypothetically – your AV company has recommended including a production manager for your event. Do you really need a PM? And will including that person improve your event? A top AV company will explain the “why” behind their recommendations. These explanations help you make better-informed decisions.

In this example, adding a PM will increase your budget. But is there a risk if you go without? Are there instances where having a PM could be cost-effective? It comes down to results like consistency and smooth operation. As event complexity increases, so does the risk that something can take an unexpected turn and your event flow could be compromised. For a more complex event, investing in a PM eliminates that risk and ensures your audience receives the experience you intend.

Additional Factors to Consider

As you already know, physical factors can significantly contribute to higher event costs. Room size, shape, and other limitations can affect your setup options, as does the size of the audience. If space is tight because the audience is large, your AV team will need to be creative with the placement of projectors, screens, microphones, etc.

Here’s the best part – you’re also getting our professional expertise and insight. While it might have an “invisible” price tag, it is a huge benefit. Our job is to help you identify and mitigate risks – and offer solutions that reduce or eliminate them. The other part of our expertise is to offer creative suggestions to achieve your goals and really wow your audience.

Let’s Talk About Budget

If your AV isn’t working properly, it can snowball and cause other aspects of your event to go awry. Think of the budget you set as an investment in the success of your event.

You know what you want to accomplish, which can help you prioritize what is most important. But you also don’t want to cut corners, so lean on your AV partner to help you work within your budget to prioritize your list of what you’d like to be done.

As the event planner, only you can decide what risks are worth taking and which are too high. A good AV partner is one who can help you calculate those risks so you’re fully informed to make the best decisions.

We understand that we might not be the perfect fit for every event planner or every event. And that’s okay. Clients come to Heroic because they want top-caliber results – a “wow” experience for their audience. They know it may cost a bit more up front, but their investment will pay off with a flawless result. And flawless is priceless.