When Should I Include an Event Production Company in My Planning?

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You need lights, sound, maybe even video. You know you’re going to need an event production company to handle all that, and maybe more. But should you include them in your planning now, or wait until you have a clear plan ready to go?

We recommend bringing them right from the beginning. Always.

Why get them involved right away?

It’s short-sighted to view your event production company as just another supplier when you have an opportunity to take advantage of their considerable experience and insight.

So, invite them into your planning right from the start.

Whether you want your event to be out-of-the-box spectacular or simply seamless, their input can make your event better — perhaps dramatically better — and ensure it runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Pros Bring Fresh Eyes and New Ideas to the Table

Pros can ask questions you haven’t thought about to help create a stronger vision for your event. You might think you know just what you want, but fresh eyes and new thoughts can transform your event into something awe-inspiring. If you’ve “been there, done that,” there’s a good chance your audience is becoming just a bit bored. Predictability doesn’t sell tickets or make memories.

On the other hand, a professional production company is always thinking about ways to do more or do it more engagingly. Their idea could be the spark that rockets your event to no. 1 on the “wish I’d been there!” list.

Pros Can Provide Insight Into The Venues You’re Considering

Your event production company can make venue suggestions. That room or arena you love so much might not be the best location for your event for practical and/or aesthetic reasons. If your production crew has to make do or conjure up convoluted workarounds, that wastes time and money. You could wind up with safety problems, or flaws even your attendees will notice. With your production company at the table from the beginning, you won’t box yourself in.

Bonus: They know the vocabulary and speak the language. That can help you minimize risk and get the maximum effect using your budget.

Pros Have Realistic Expectations

They will help set realistic expectations for every step. Even seasoned event planners can miscalculate the amount of time needed for pre-production set up, rehearsals, etc. Last-minute rushing around often leads to mistakes or omissions that tarnish your event.

They can bring peace of mind to your planning process. If you plan by committee or report to company executives or other decision-makers, including your production company right from the start can allay their concerns. That makes everyone’s life easier.

Early engagement can save time, money, headaches, and even heartache

You chose your event production company because you trust them to help ensure your event goes flawlessly and makes a lasting impact on attendees. You’ll get all that and more if you include them right from the start. Having been part of the process all along, they will know what you need, and why. They’ll be able to execute more efficiently, and your production will come together beautifully, just as you envisioned it.

Photo credit: Robert Evans Imagery