Heroic Lights Super Bowl LIVE 2018

Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis

We were elated to be one of just two local AV companies to be selected by the producers of Super Bowl LIVE 2018. As the designated lighting contractors, we were tasked with lighting six entire blocks of Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, the top of the IDS Center, and the popular Verizon UP Stage.

If you’re familiar with Minnesota winters, you know that you need to be prepared for anything, including snow, freezing rain, wind, and temperature extremes (translate below zero!). The two plus weeks of set-up, show, and tear-down included all of the above, and the staff and crew at Heroic Productions weathered it all (pun intended) to great success. 

Planning was key, and involved staging equipment and cases using every available inch of space in our warehouses, prepping hundreds of lights and movers of all kinds, miles of cable, and a can-do attitude from everyone involved. Logistics, set up, daily maintenance and tear-down were scripted to the finest detail, and it was evident in the glowing post-show review we received from the NFL’s event producers.

Please enjoy the above video featuring local Minnesota band Ipso Facto, taken during one very cold evening of the 10-day show.