Lighting Considerations for Your Next Event [VIDEO]

Lighting during an event plays a much bigger role than most people realize. When done right, lighting seamlessly creates a mood and enhances the theme of the event. But if you have never worked with lighting before, there are a few things you should know that will impact how it will affect the feel of your event. In this video, Heroic’s Jon and Steve talk through some key information to consider when choosing what type of lighting should be used at your next event.

Key Lighting Considerations

The ceiling heightthe stage setup, and the room itself are all things that come into play when choosing event lighting.  

For lighting, the higher the ceiling, the better. A high ceiling can give you more access to the people on the stage. 

An important component to consider is the stage. What is going to be on it? Is it just a speaker and a podium, or a discussion panel, or will you have a band and other forms of live entertainment?

What type of room is your event held? The size, color, and components within a room all affect how light can travel and reflects. Therefore, spaces like a convention center, hotel ballroom, and concert hall will all require different lighting. 

Lighting Affects Your Mood and Theme 

The positioning, color, and movement of the lighting can influence the entire mood and theme of any event. That is why different circumstances require different kinds of lighting and varying amounts of light.

Think about lighting at a concert. It’s almost as if the lighting puts on the show itself, with different color lights shining and moving with each beat. Bright, colorful lights may work well for a hip-hop concert, but not as much for an orchestra. If your event is a play, you may consider having dramatic lighting, like wall or ceiling washes, to set the scene.

Whatever your lighting plans are for your next event, be sure to discuss it with your event production team. They may have ideas to make it more engaging and less complicated!