Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) and the DREAM GALA

A long-standing tradition, the DREAM Gala, is the Twin Cities’ event benefiting Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF). This annual event is beautifully crafted with exciting experiences, inspiring stories, and fabulous food, all for a meaningful cause: to end childhood cancer.

Designing an Immersive Experience for Giving

Two years running, the CCRF team entrusted Heroic as their production partner, and we were even proud sponsors in 2024. Our shared vision? To inspire and empower giving. As staging and audiovisual design experts, we understand the power of influence. It all starts with crafting immersive experiences that surprise and delight. A huge shoutout to CCRF for choosing the perfect partners – together with Festivities, we transformed the stunning Quincy Hall into an engaging backdrop for generosity, two years in a row!

Production Partners with Purpose

As always, Heroic’s main focus is ensuring our clients’ key messages are seen, heard, and felt. We set the stage and room to make sure the large seated audience can see and hear the program from every angle. The program includes awards, touching stories and tributes, and the very important live auction.

Following the dinner and program, attendees move into a secondary area of the venue where they enjoy an after party. Here, it’s Heroic’s job to create a vibrant stage for live music to kick off the night in style. But our expertise extends beyond the stage – we also design the lighting scheme to create the perfect ambiance for attendees to dance the night away.

Flawlessly executed by the CCRF team, this annual event has become a fundraising powerhouse, bringing in over $660,000 in 2023 and nearly $800,000 in 2024 for critical childhood brain tumor research.

If you, too, want to get involved, visit CCRF here.

Bring Events to Life With Heroic

Working with CCRF to create a truly impactful and inspiring evening was a standout moment for us.

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