The ONE Forum

Be the Match

Be The Match is a global leader in bone marrow transplantation. Every year, this organization hosts The ONE Forum to educate, inspire, and motivate anyone fighting blood disease to be better equipped to save more lives. On average, 1200 people come together for this impactful event.

After nearly 30 years, Be The Match approached the Heroic team as a new partner and with a challenge: to re-energize an event that had become stale and overly focused on the delivery of clinical information. Feedback and event results were telling the Be The Match team that the event just wasn’t delivering necessary impact. During the initial planning meeting, specific direction given was, “Make this event feel like a completely different experience. It shouldn’t resemble anything we’ve ever done before.”

Enter Heroic!

In four short months, we began by mapping out the story and messaging thread that would be weaved through the available space. Highly visible areas of the hotel such as the revolving doors, elevator banks, pillars in the pre-function space, charging stations, oversized marquee letters, and a large glass railing overlooking the lobby were used to highlight the new brand and create an immersive experience.

Guests needed to experience a noticeable upgrade in production and staging from previous events. We also needed to create a memorable and impactful physical environment that brought presenters and guests closer together for a shared experience.

The solution included a triangular thrust main stage, flanked by smaller, round stages. Each stage had a suitably-sized, rear-projected screen for content. Lighting was designed to provide maximum impact with a variety of bold color scenes.

Be The Match and Heroic continue to partner on this important event. Converting to a completely virtual experience in recent years, the same impact and results are seen and felt by the Be The Match team and people who continue to make progress in fighting blood disease.