How Syncing Projection Mapping to Music can Enhance Your Event

Projection mapping is a great way for entertainers or speakers to engage with their audience. But have you thought of combining sight and sound by syncing projection mapping to music? We can do that. Talk about creating a cohesive and eye-catching AV element!  Your event is sure to be the talk of the town.

There’s Projection, And Then There’s Projection Mapping

Mapping is simply a way to manipulate projected light using computers and specialized software. You can project onto any flat surface to create 2D visuals, or you can use multiple projectors to create 3D, even interactive visuals. For example, if you hold your wedding at Disney World, they’ll project your favorite characters onto your cake — or the size of Hoover Dam. (Literally, Freightliner did that.)

Instead of using PowerPoint slides and a laser pen to emphasize points (so 90s!), you can add video-like movement to the images. Or project them onto tabletops instead of the ubiquitous stage screen. You can project actual video as well as still images.

Sing It, Girl!

You may never hire Katy Perry to entertain at your event or be hired yourself to produce an event like the Super Bowl half-time show. (Then, again, maybe you will.) Regardless, Katy’s half-time show is a great example of what syncing projection mapping to music can do. Pretty cool, eh?

You Don’t Have To Go Big Or Go Home

Yes, you can go all in, using a phalanx of projectors to produce a transformative 360-degree environment — fully immersive (complete with sound effects and temperature changes) and entirely captivating if you have the budget. However, for those of us who are more money conscious, there are budget-friendlier ways to incorporate projection mapping and even coordinate it with sound.

Like so many other aspects of event planning, it’s all a matter of scale. And location, location, location. To make the biggest impression with a limited budget, concentrate your efforts where attendees are most likely to see them. While your event entrance/registration, speaker presentations, and dining tables or buffet may be obvious choices, consider the bathrooms.

Yep, bathrooms. Every guest will go there, and the space is notoriously bland. So, spice it up. Or visually transform the space to look like something else (without sacrificing functionality, of course). Better yet, ditch the canned music and replace it with something that matches your event theme — and synchronize it to the projection. You get the idea. Goofy? Yes. Memorable? Oh, yeah.

Projection mapping, with or without synced music, can be impressive, purely entertaining, or just plain practical. Maybe your speaker wants to give a demonstration rather than show slides — mapping the visuals brings that to life.

Feeling Inspired?

We thought you would be. You know from experience that planning is the key to everything when it comes to event success. Especially when you want to incorporate something new and different and potentially complex. So, if you’re looking for a way to blow them away, creatively speaking, at your next event, let’s talk about how syncing projection mapping to music could be your ticket to wow.

At the very least, you’ll create an experiential sensation for attendees. But who knows? You could set a new standard for your brand, or even your industry.