What Factors Drive Costs for Top Audio Visual Companies?

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” There is truth behind that statement, but do you always need to pay more to get what you need? Well, yes and no. As with most things, it helps to understand why prices vary, and then you can decide what level of service you need.

After all, the top audio visual companies got there for a reason. As an event planner, you know how important it is to understand what sort of AV set-up and timeframe will likely be needed for different types of events. Understanding the AV business itself from a behind-the-scenes perspective makes you an even more insightful and effective planner and partner, and it gives you a clearer picture of what goes into the charges you pay.

What factors affect what top audio visual companies charge?

Is it the number of laborers needed for setup? The types of equipment they own or want to use? Their level of expertise? When is the right time to pay more for an elevated level of skill or quality?

All of those factors impact cost, but that last question is key. It’s not that top AV companies charge more for the exact same thing you could get elsewhere. In our world, you’ll always be able to find someone who charges less, but there’s a reason for that. You want somebody who does more than just schlep gear. If that’s all you needed, you could rent the equipment directly and save even more by schlepping it and plugging it in yourself.

You pay more because you get more  

When you pay for higher quality equipment and greater expertise, you benefit in two ways:

  1. A functionally trouble-free event
    You want your program and environment to be memorable, but for all the right reasons. That means trouble-free. Clear sound at just the right level. Crisp, unobstructed video and other visuals. Lighting that sets the right mood and, perhaps, entertains as well. We don’t just set it up, we invest time to rehearse, so when your event goes live, it all comes off precisely as planned. That’s the kind of memory you want your audience to take away.
  2. Creative contributions
    You get our professional recommendations to design a more impressive but less intrusive AV set-up. Creative ideas that can entirely transform your vision or give it a significant boost in the way you execute the details. With our broad experience, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all. You can tap into that. And if you don’t have the multi-million dollar budget for a Super Bowl-level event, we get that. We can help you work within your own budget or other limitations to achieve your event goals.

Never assume you can’t afford the highest quality

Consider all the factors that go into our cost against your event goals. Then consider the fact that our expertise can also help you save money. For example, working with venues and negotiating contracts can be tricky. It’s what we do every day, so we’re sharp at reading between the lines to see where you can eliminate or negotiate down costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Every event is different. That’s why we always start by giving prospective clients a broad cost range. Paring that down to an exact estimate for you requires tailoring the details to your event – and to your budget. In the end, what you pay for top audio video companies may be a bit higher, but the result – the quality and impact of your event – will be even higher.

Look at it this way: you get to pick our brains for free, but we also devote 100% of our skill and experience to ensuring your event comes off flawlessly in every way. And flawless is priceless.