6 Top Convention Cities You Haven’t Considered for Your 2020 Events

top convention citiesLas Vegas is a sure thing (so to speak). Chicago is a favorite. Orlando is magic. And, New York… New York is so good they named it twice.

These are classic convention city favorites, and undeniably, they’ve earned their stripes for good reasons. But what if we ditch the obvious and expected and put a new pin on the map for convention possibilities?

Don’t confine your event to the city limits. Try convening your soiree in a less-than-traditional city. Might we suggest:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Weather, weather, weather. Oh yeah, did we mention the weather? Yes, the sun is shining all the time, but believe it or not, Fort Lauderdale has more to offer than sunshine. From Las Olas Boulevard to countless amazing restaurants, and ocean-front meeting spaces, Fort Lauderdale offers plenty of opportunity to ensure attendees have a great time. On second thought, maybe your guests will be too relaxed…

Fort Lauderdale-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Indianapolis, Indiana

A secret gem of the Midwest with a 100% Get ‘er done attitude. There’s the Indy Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500. Indy is known as the Crossroads of America with 6 interstate highways passing through the city. The Indianapolis Zoo is the only zoo in the country to be accredited by the relevant organizations as a zoo, an aquarium, and a botanical garden.

Indy-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Washington, DC

A monumental choice, both figuratively and literally, you won’t find more carved up granite anywhere in the USA. There’s a bit of the world around every corner with over 170 foreign embassies, and the world’s largest library—The Library of Congress. Lobby for this unexpected location loaded with history and amazing venues. Seasonal bonus: Cherry Blossoms. The possible one drawback? Politicians. They’re everywhere!

Washington DC-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Tucson, Arizona

Great facilities, rich with culture, creativity and, oh that weather. According to the American Lung Association, Tucson ranks as America’s number three city in the clean air department, and they would know. Tucson also boasts more bird species than any other region on earth, which means even non-birders might even get into the art of birding. And make sure to visit the Biosphere 2 in the Santa Catalina Mountains. While it’s not available to rent, don’t discount putting it on the shortlist of places your event attendees might want to visit

Tucson-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Quebec City, Quebec Canada

Find a bit of international flair just north of the border. Get Canadian hospitality and the European experience with a French accent, all without the jet lag. Ville de Québec was founded 412 years ago and has aged with grace and charm. While the city speaks primarily French, nearly everyone also has a command of English.

Quebec City-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis-St. Paul (aka the Twin Cities) offers a wide range of wonderful venue possibilities. The Twin Cities feature 5000 acres of parks, the number one bike-friendly area in the country, and a highly tech-savvy community. And, of course, Heroic is right here for you.

Twin Cities-Specific Venue Possibilities:

Challenging Convention

What if you began with a venue that was simple and inherently cool on its own?

We realize that going the unconventional road less traveled presents its own set of challenges… we know because we’ve been presented with many of those challenges. But by choosing vendors and partners that are excited to participate in your out-of-the-box thinking and challenge their own abilities, you can create something really special.

A non-traditional venue will not typically offer the same suite of support services and amenities that a convention facility or hotel will serve up. That’s where you come with meticulous organization, your own trusted resources, and the energy to make heads turn, and/or spin.

Start with the ABCs of successful event staging, event planning, and event production. If you’re destined to hold court in ballrooms, hotel meeting rooms and convention centers, fear not, there are many ways to recreate these spaces into something remarkably yours. Give your next city and/or venue some serious, fanciful and pie-in-the-sky thought.