What is a Hybrid Event?

Do you still have confusion around what exactly a hybrid event is? Heroic’s CEO, Jon Young, breaks it down and gives some clarification.

Here’s a word you’re going to hear more and more: Hybrid. It’s certainly a word with lots of definitions and even more synonyms. For instance, I own a couple of hybrid golf clubs (I hit them equally poorly). Our video department manager, Kevan, drives a hybrid car. Sun Country Airlines just filed papers for an IPO describing itself as a new breed of hybrid, low-cost air carrier. I could go on and on.

In our meeting and events world, hybrid is the term we use when we can’t think of a more clever or specific answer to the often ask question “what does the future look like after COVID?”

There’s certainly confusion and questions around what defines a hybrid event. So I’d like to take a shot at clarification, with a healthy dose of opinion.

A hybrid event is an event that combines two elements – an in person experience and a virtual experiences. Were hybrid events happening before COVID? Of course they were. We just called them live events with an often times belatedly bolted on livestream.

This year, we’ve done virtual for just about everything. Meetings, tradeshows, weddings, galas, worship services, and concerts. You name it, we’ve done it. Many of them were pre-recorded. And, if they were actually live, then with very, very few people in the room during the broadcast. But going forward, delivery of that virtual component is going to be even more important and intentional. Think TV studio with a live studio audience. Saturday Night Live or the Tonight Show are perfect examples. Those shows are very much made for TV, but benefit from a small, live audience, which gives life and energy to speakers and entertainers on the broadcast stage.

When it becomes safe, our industry is going to do the same thing in phases. Maybe you can have 20 or 30 people in the audience. Then it will be 50, then 100. Throughout these phases all sorts of variables are going to come into play. Whose been vaccinated? How big is the venue? We’ll be taking small steps and moving forward.

So whenever it becomes clear that you can add an audience to your broadcast, know that we’re ready for you hear at Heroic. We’ll welcome you to our ever expanding STUDIO 15 space.

2021 is well on its way and we’re feeling hopeful. Hopeful for everyone’s health, we’re hopeful for warmer weather, hopeful for the future of our industry. Our top priority is keeping you and your team safe. We want to help share your message and help you tell your story. Confidently, successfully, safely.

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