Our History

Heroic’s team of audio, lighting and video specialists have been thrilling our clients around the country every day for over 18 years by making their meetings and events resounding successes. Heroic has proudly provided services for many of Minnesota’s top 100 companies as well as national Fortune 500 companies. Our Goal: We want your message to be perfectly seen, heard and remembered by YOUR entire audience.


Our Story

Whereas many AV companies got their start as a bunch of rock-n-rollers with gear, Heroic’s beginnings and customer-service philosophy come from our “classical” roots while studying music in college. The ethic of intense practice and crafting a performance to perfection is what led to the creation of Heroic Productions. 

Several of us formed an R&B group after college, and quickly learned that all of the time, energy and work put into crafting a great show (and it was - we have the video/audio to prove it!) was wasted if the rented equipment and personnel hired to support it, were not equal to the band’s lofty standards. We slowly acquired our own high-end gear to meet those standards and quickly realized that other people might also appreciate high quality and engineers that actually took pride in what they did. 

The rest, as they say, is history; over 18 years successfully making other people heroes.


SOME of our Team Members


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