Top virtual speakers

Phil Hanson

Virtual Keynote


Referred to by his fans as “the Artist for the People”, Phil Hansen is an internationally recognized multimedia artist, speaker, author and innovator — at the forefront of bringing art to a wider audience. Crashing irreverently through conventional boundaries, Phil works at the intersection of traditional art, electronic media, offbeat materials, and interactive experiences. He is most widely known for his meta-art, videos that document the creation process (sometimes even through destruction), showing millions that art is action, not just result.

Topics: Embrace The Shake

As an art student, Phil Hansen’s intense style of pointillism led to a tremor in his hand and a diagnosis of nerve damage. Devastated, he dropped out and lost his way, until a neurologist suggested he “embrace the shake”. This piece of advice put Phil on a quest to invent different approaches to making art by embracing personal and universal limitations.

“We need to first be limited in order to become limitless.” – Phil Hansen

Phil has designed a unique art experience beyond the talk. Companies who are seeking an unforgettable interactive experience for their audience are absolutely stunned by its originality, value and effect.

Rohit Bhargava

Virtual Keynote


Rohit is an innovation and marketing expert, and founder of the Non-Obvious Company. Formermarketing strategist for Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, he is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of six business books and also teaches marketing and innovation at Georgetown University.

Topics: Innovation, Trends, Marketing, Digital Disruption

Rohit Bhargava is on a mission to help the world be more open-minded by teaching others how to be non-obvious thinkers.

Miral Kotb

Virtual Keynote


A two-time cancer survivor, Miral has overcome extreme obstacles both personally and within the ever-changing world of technology, to become a prolific entrepreneur in the fields of technology and performing arts. In 2009 she combined her passion for dance and technology to create iLuminate, the world’s first light dance technology company who rose to fame on America’s Got Talent and was named “the best new act in America.”

Topic: “Share Your Light”

We are all experiencing self-quarantine in different way right now.  MIral survived nine months in quarantine while treating Leukemia and is uniquely positioned to speak about how to get through an extended quarantine while maintaining and growing a business.

Whle in isolation, she learned to see the light.  She trained herself to see the rainbow of life – the power of removing regret + hopelessness to find calm, inspiration and a brighter future.

Vinh Giang

Virtual Keynote


Vinh’s family are refugees from Vietnam. They arrived in Australia in 1981. Vinh’s dad shared w a simple concept with him – life is a miracle. He told Vinh: “Son, do you know how ridiculous it is that you are alive? If your mother or I died in the war, you wouldn’t be here. If your grandparents didn’t meet, you wouldn’t be here. Heck, let’s take it back 50,000 generations. If a cave man ate a poisonous fruit and died, that’s our entire bloodline vanished from this earth. It took millions of years of serendipitous events for you to be here, and now that you are here, you are alive for 80 years on average. When you compare how long it took for you to get here versus how long you are here, it’s like you are alive for 1 minute. It’s a privilege to be alive. In this life of yours, remember to do what you love and jump as high as you can in life. As long as I am alive, I will forever be your net.”

Topic: Personal Development with a Magical Twist

Vinh’s mission in business and life is to share the psychology of illusion. He has devoted himself to understanding the ways in which people are fooled by illusions and by the tricks we play on ourselves.

Vinh will open your mind to new possibilities, as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through remarkable insights into human psychology, business and the wonderful art of magic.

Jason Hewlett

Virtual Keynote

Jason Hewlett

Jason Hewlett teaches leadership skills in a powerful and unconventional way. With out-of-the-box performances of uncanny musical and comedy impressions of incredible stage legends, Jason’s keynote,
is a speech that feels like entertainment (really great entertainment!).

Audiences leave with takeaways to transform their business and leadership skills. They also learn how to invite a whole lot more joy into life.

Topic: The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and Discover Your Signature Moves

Mallory Brown

Virtual Keynote


Mallory is an impact storyteller sparking change as a global humanitarian and inspiring keynote speaker. Her work activates others to make a positive impact in the world. Mallory has founded two socially conscious companies and is walked a global marathon for women’s empowerment. She has traveled to over 50 countries, spoken to audiences internationally, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting poverty. Her story inspires others to live a passionate, generous, and global life.

Mallory Brown shares real-life stories of human connection. She teaches how empathy builds better communities, breaks down barriers of diversity, and paves a powerful path for individuals and organizations to find fulfillment.

Topic:  Embrace Your Humanity

Rob Schiffman

Virtual Host or Keynote


Rob Schiffmann, a 3-time MAC award winner (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs), is a professional corporate host / comedian / keynote speaker with 20 years of experience on the corporate stage. Rob has hosted meetings, both nationally and internationally, for many corporations, including Big Lots, IBM, Lenovo, Crayola, Merck, Folgers, Microsoft, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Bank of America, Ortho Women’s Health, BMW, DuPont, Genentech, Pepsi, Dannon and many more. Rob’s background in music and improvisation allows him to bring a level of interactivity to your meeting that will keep your audience consistently engaged through the use of content-driven material that Rob can either write ahead of time or make up on the spot. Rob will bring his quick wit and charm to your meeting to help you and your audience have an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Whether Rob is improvising songs with your audience or writing and recording parody or original songs to underscore the content from an executive presentation, Rob’s understanding of the corporate environment allows him to be versatile without ever crossing boundaries.

Topic: The Power to Pivot: Mistakes are Gifts!

Rob may be opening your meeting, providing fun interactive segues, delivering an impactful keynote speech, creating songs and games for interstitial moments, introducing your speakers, hosting your live broadcast or interviewing your executives.

Whatever Rob is doing, you can be sure he is delivering your themes and messages, making your people and your company shine and helping your meeting to be one to be well remembered for years to come.

The Passing Zone

Virtual Host or Entertainment


The Passing Zone is one of the most inventive, successful and funny duos working today.  Jon Wee and Owen Morse have more awards, accolades and experience than most performers achieve in a lifetime, and according to these guys, they’re just getting started!

Prepare to be amazed, as you get to know these two, and the things that they do. It’s not magic.  It’s juggling (with chainsaws and other scary stuff).  But you won’t believe your eyes!

Events have changed and so have the Passing Zone.  During this physical separation, we are all relying on teamwork more than ever.  It’s important to bring people together through a share experience of laughter, inspiration and entertainment, to let them know that they are valued and appreciated.

Whether you need a hilarious hosting duo, an exciting keynote, a high energy performance or a series of customized videos to give your people the experience of togetherness, the Passing Zone have what you need. They’ll help you feel better and laugh til your face hurts!