Testing 1, 2, 3: Event Timing for Your Audio Team

event timing for your audio teamTiming is everything. We hear that often, but when it comes to producing an event, this expression really says it all. Event planners always create a detailed production schedule leading up to the big day, so nothing is overlooked. It’s just as important to have a game plan when you go live, because event timing is crucial if you want everything to go off like clockwork.

The more information your AV folks have in advance, the better job they can do advising you on how to create an experience that’s flawlessly functional and impressively impactful. Sound is just one part of that, but it is fundamental. And it has to blend beautifully with visuals, staging, lighting, and any special effects you have planned.

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Political Event Planning 101: How to Organize a Rally

It’s campaign season. And what better way to launch a campaign than by hosting a rally? A rally can be appropriate for any campaign whether you’re running for a position on the school board, for governor, or if you’re promoting a ballot measure.

Here are some tips on how to organize a rally.

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Audio Considerations for Your Next Event [VIDEO]

When putting together an event, audio may be one of the last things you consider. You just plug in a mic and go, right? Wrong! Audio requires careful attention to detail and forethought like so many other aspects of event planning. Let us walk you through just a few of the basics of audio.

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5 Event Planning Tips to Create Cohesive Multi-Site Events

Heroic Productions_Event Planning Tips_Create Cohesive Multi-site EventsHosting an event no longer means you have to be limited to one location. You can take advantage of technology to increase attendance and create a more inclusive event. And you can do it without sacrificing the sense of “being there” that sparks attendee engagement. Here are some event planning tips that will open new doors for those looking to produce meaningful, memorable programs.

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8 Event Safety Tips to Keep Production Staff and Crew Safe

Heroic Productions_Event Safety TipsStructural staging for events almost seems to materialize right before your eyes. It’s impressive. But most non-AV folks don’t think about what it takes to set up and tear down, or how critical event safety is during those processes. Equipment can be massive, and it’s fragile. So are human bodies. Rigging all that heavy equipment can be dangerous if you don’t take proper safety precautions.

No one wants injuries, whether minor or catastrophic. Following these tips will help ensure your event production staff and crew stay safe during setup and teardown.

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