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Did you know that Heroic Productions books speakers and entertainment for our clients’ events? 

Choosing Kris Campbell as Please Welcome’s First Guest

As we planned our first Please Welcome virtual event we thought, who better to interview than the guru herself, Kris Campbell! Kris is our VP of Speakers and Entertainment with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As a “casting director,” she is responsible for discovering and sourcing the perfect speaker or artist for her clients’ events. As a unique offering at Heroic, Kris is often peppered with questions about how she sources, negotiates, and books a wide array of amazing speakers and entertainers. So, our VP of Client Brand Experience, Kitty Hart, led the charge of interviewing Kris for the kickoff of Please Welcome’s virtual edition.

During this live event, Kris explains how she developed the concept of Please Welcome, and why the event series is such an important marketing initiative for Heroic. She also dives into what her process looks like when booking talent for her clients. She even name drops some of her favorite speakers to book right now! You can see the whole interview right here.

More About Our VP of Speakers and Entertainment…

Kris is a creative, experienced professional with a unique understanding of speaker and entertainment booking. She finds innovative ways to help her clients communicate their inspired ideas in a way that is both relevant and captivating. With her expertise, audiences are treated to once-in-a-lifetime events onstage, onscreen, and in person. Whether it’s for an extra special event or just any day, Kris knows how to choose the right speaker, athlete, or artist to bring the perfect look, energy, and message that her clients’ audiences will appreciate. From local talent to world-famous A-listers, she has the skills and experience needed to ensure every show has its own story.

Need help booking speakers or entertainment for your next event? Schedule a time to talk with Kris and let her help make your brand’s story shine!

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Heroic Welcomes Kris Young As New VP Speakers & Entertainment

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