Going Once, Going Twice: Tips for Conducting a Charity Auction

AdobeStock_142288278 [Converted]If you’ve ever been to a fundraising event, you likely cruised the silent auction tables and watched (perhaps in amazement) as an autographed football jersey sold for $500 in the live auction. Auctions are one of the most fun and profitable ways for organizations to raise money. But a charity auction is also a lot of work.

Whether your event will feature a silent auction, live auction, or both, you’ll need careful planning and savvy strategy to bring in top dollar. In addition to auction item donors, recruit sponsors to help cover event costs because, ultimately, “top dollar” really means net income.

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Event Planning 101: 4 AV Fees You Should Know

AV FeesNo matter how great your audience finds your event, it cannot be deemed a success if you blow out your budget. So, as you’re searching for an AV partner and set-up that won’t break the bank, remember to ask about additional fees. You may not think you need to pay for extra cables, a scissor lift, or lunch for the crew, but you do. Or you might. Don’t get caught off guard by overlooking these details.

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A Host with the Most: How to Pick an Enthusiastic Event Emcee

event emceeWhether you want an emcee that tugs at heartstrings, cracks jokes, poses for a selfie that later goes viral or all of the above, it’s important to pick the right person for your type of event. After all, your event emcee can quickly engage or disengage your attendees. So, choose someone who is appropriately enthusiastic, friendly, and quick-witted.

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#EventOfTheYear: How to Create a Socially Shareable Event

You want to attract the largest possible audience to your event. After all, you plan to deliver some truly impressive event experiences. But not everyone can attend. So, how can you take those experiences to non-attendees? Through social media, of course! By creating shareable moments throughout your event, you can reach a larger crowd than is physically possible and inspire even greater participation next time.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the strongest motivators ever. A socially shareable event plays on that worrisome FOMO, by building pre-function anticipation. Your event is all the buzz — clearly, it is a must-attend. Sharing also eases FOMO by enabling non-attendees to benefit vicariously.

A socially shareable event allows you to take the experience to those who cannot attend, and to bring them in as participants. And if you’re thinking social sharing is only for millennials, think again. No matter your type of content or target audience, you can bet your people are using social media.

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Captivating Your Audience: How to Find Engaging Conference Keynote Speakers

conference keynote speakersYou can plan fun breaks, great food, and live-wire after-hours entertainment, but if your conference keynote speakers aren’t absolutely terrific, your attendees will leave feeling short-changed. Speakers should be informative, of course. But they should also be so captivating and engaging, your audience won’t believe the time went so fast. More! More!

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