Heroic Productions and the Commencement Trinity

The end of May and the start of June is a magical time for students and the team at Heroic Productions alike! We had the honor of bringing our AV production expertise to several commencements. Milestone moments like commencement should be unforgettable, and top-notch AV is essential to making them truly special. This is where Heroic shines—ensuring that every graduate’s loved ones can see, hear, and feel the excitement. Take a look at our work for the College of St. Benedict, Gustavus Adolphus College, and The Blake School commencements.

College of St. Benedict Commencement

First up in May, we journeyed to St. Joseph, MN, for the College of St. Benedict Commencement. Held in the Clemens Field House, this event celebrated 344 undergraduates and 14 master’s and doctorate degrees. Heroic Productions transformed the dark field house into a vibrant celebration space with an extensive lighting package. Our stage wash effectively highlighted the commencement address and each student as they accepted their diplomas. Additionally, we provided processional and banner lighting, adding a touch of elegance to the proceedings. To ensure crystal-clear audio, we deployed a full line array audio package that covered the presenters, the band, and some special songs performed by senior choir members. The result was a truly memorable day for everyone involved.

Gustavus Adolphus College Commencement

Gustavus Adolphus College Commencement

At the end of May, Heroic headed to southern Minnesota for the Gustavus Adolphus College Commencement. This exciting event took place outdoors on Hollingworth Field, with 451 graduates seated on the turf in front of a grand stage. Our mission was to ensure that every word from the presenters, every note from the band, and every song from the choir were heard loud and clear throughout the entire football stadium. Utilizing our full line array audio package, we achieved perfect audibility for every speech and song, making the celebration truly unforgettable.

The Blake School Commencement

The Blake School Commencement

The beginning of June kept us busy in the Twin Cities for The Blake School Commencement. This multi-day event took place in the historic Blake School Ice Arena, a barrel vault ice rink that posed some fun challenges for our team—but nothing we couldn’t handle! With commencements for the elementary, middle, and senior high schools, we had to make three different celebrations shine. Our comprehensive line array audio package ensured clear sound for every presenter, band performance, and choir song. We used a stage wash for lighting to ensure our presenters looked their best, while processional and banner lighting added a dramatic effect. To enhance the experience, we incorporated video and projection, ensuring the audience didn’t miss a beat. Additionally, we recorded the event to guarantee that no friends or family missed this special day.

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Children’s Cancer Research Fund’s DREAM Gala 2023

A long-standing tradition, DREAM, is the Twin Cities’ gala benefiting CCRF. CCRF crafts this annual event with exciting experiences, inspiring stories, and fabulous food, all for a meaningful cause: to end childhood cancer.



Imagine a day with better answers for childhood brain tumors. A day when cancer doesn’t strike the same fear as it does today. A day when we look back and see all the people, funding, and trials that made significant progress possible.

A day like that will take a night like this – DREAM Gala 2023

This year, the team at CCRF selected Heroic as their trusted production partner. Our collective planning began with the vision in mind: to move and motivate people to give. As staging and audio/visual design experts, we know how we can influence that effort. It begins with designing an immersive experience that surprises and delights the attendees. We applaud the team at CCRF for selecting just the right partners for success. Working alongside our friends at Festivities, we transformed Quincy Hall (already a beautiful venue) into a fitting backdrop for engagement and giving!



As always, Heroic’s main focus is ensuring our clients’ key messages are seen, heard, and felt. We ensured the best visibility for the 400+ seated dinner audience by strategically placing large projection screens throughout the stage and room. The program included awards, touching stories and tributes, and the very important live auction.

After the dinner and program concluded, attendees moved into a secondary area of the venue where they enjoyed a DJ, more activations, and a few late-night bites.

Under the direction and execution of Eric Perkins, Event Host, and Kristine Fladeboe Duininck, Live Auctioneer, we are proud to report the evening raised over $660,000 for childhood brain tumor research.

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