What We Prefer In A Preferred Event Vendor

Heroic Productions_Preferred Event VendorWe know it’s hard to believe, but no, we at Heroic do not do everything. We have trusted cohorts, collaborators, and creative comrades—and yes, we have preferences. Our vendor standards are as high as the standards we hold for ourselves.

Often, the client selects the partners on any given project. In which case, we anxiously and hopefully scan the roster. Sometimes we’re downright giddy, and sometimes we’re not, but we always play nice with others.

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Tour Tips: How to Take Your Corporate Events on the Road

08_07_TakeYourCorporateEvent-1Multi-location corporate events are more popular than ever. But that can really complicate things for event planners because corporate events that are scheduled in series should all have the same look and feel, no matter where you are. So, how can you take your show on the road and do it right?

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Tips for Throwing a Kickass Annual Corporate Event

Heroic Productions_Kickass Corporate EventOnce the holidays are over and everyone’s back in the office, you may think your employees are partied-out. But, no! Kicking off the new year with a kickass corporate event is the perfect way to keep the happy holiday spirit rolling as everyone re-focuses on the work at hand. Throw the right event, and you can reinforce their renewed sense of motivation and look forward to a successful business year.

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