Our Favorite Venues in Minneapolis MN

Once you’ve decided to hold an event, the first question is, “where”? Over the years, our Heroic Productions crew has worked in just about every event venue in Minneapolis. When it comes to creating a memorable event, having the right venue can make a huge difference.

Your event venue will affect what you can do from a staging and production standpoint. It will also impact other event components like attendee access, load-in time, and production costs. So naturally, some of these locations stand out above the crowd, each for their own unique or practical reasons.

With our expertise and insight, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite venues in Minneapolis.

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7 Inspiring Stage Set Design Ideas for Your Next Conference

Even the most experienced conference event planner can sometimes feel stuck when it comes to set stage design ideas that will WOW your audience. It’s important to create something that will impress, but not detract, all while fitting into the venue, supporting your event goals, and staying within your budget.

Conference stage design makes the first impression for all of your attendees. It’s important not to settle into the same old, same old ideas that have been seen at conferences before.

Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration. So, here are some of the Heroic team’s favorite set stage design ideas that we think will get those creative juices flowing.

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Tips for organizing a successful roadshow event

bring your own av teamMulti-location corporate events are more popular than ever. But that can really complicate things for event planners because you want to give all your attendees, in all your locations, the same message and experience. How can you take your show on the road and do it right? Take your AV team with you! Here’s how that works.

Everything revolves around logistics

Your AV team and all their gear need to be in the right place at the right time. You have to allow enough time for shipping/trucking and personal travel. For example, here’s how our Heroic crew handled the AV for Delta Airlines’ 747 fleet retirement event. Four locations across the US, 300-500 guests at each event, in four consecutive days. In winter!

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The Role of AV in Sponsorship and Brand Activations

Nintendo_Switch_Target_Heroic ProductionsLighting and sound convey emotion, which is why they are such critical elements of any AV plan. Emotions are what memories are made of, so creating an evocative experience makes your event memorable. It’s not surprising, then, that both lighting and sound can play an impactful role in brand and sponsorship activations.

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